Book Recommendations

"Strength in What Remains" by Tracy Kidder
A must-read for New Yorkers for its insights into the struggles of a newly arrived asylum seeker. In it, Kidder tells the story of "Deo," a Burundian refugee from genocide, and his first months in New York -- months of hunger, homelessness, exploitation by employers -- months of courage, determination and the support of people who helped him realize his dream of becoming a doctor.
--Carol Fouke-Mpoyo

"Little Bee" by Chris Cleave
A book for all volunteers, Cleave tells the very powerful story that documents the experiences of a refugee from Nigeria in a detention center and living life in London. It's disturbing and sad at times but truly brings light to the issues we see and hear about on our visits. The book is a tool for advocacy and I hope policymakers will read it and make change to a flawed system.
--Ariana Hellerman